Using Limestone Tiles In Bathrooms

Bathroom is that area of the house where you relax and unwind yourself, a well made comfortable bathroom gives a very soothing and a refreshing feeling. Limestone tiles in this regard can be used extensively in the bathroom as it gives you a completely different feeling from that of granite or marble. Limestone generally has soothing, light and earthly colours, which tends to give a serene and soothing effect to the bathrooms.

Limestone Batroom Tiles

If you are looking to give a natural effect to your bathroom then limestone is the best option that is available in today’s market.  Limestone Bathroom tiles are very versatile and you can use the tile in a number of places, including the bathroom floors, the bathroom walls and also on the vanity tops as it is available both in tiles and also in slab forms. If you want to add more features in your bathroom then it can also be used as a splash back. If the limestone tile is properly used then you can get a very natural, earthy look which will help you to create a luxurious spa kind of feeling in the bathroom. One thing that needs to be taken care of while using limestone tiles in the bathroom is that limestone is very porous and very sensitive to acids, so it is always advisable to use a good sealer on the limestone surfaces. Also the toiletries must also not be kept on the limestone tiles directly as the oils and chemicals causes damage to the tiles. So if you looking for a nice comfortable bathroom it is always advisable to select limestone bathroom tiles.